Principle Enterprises

Our Services

Our Services

Safety is the foundation of everything we stand for.

Water Management

  • Water Transfer

    Industry-Leading Innovative Water Transfer Provider in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays

Water Transfer

  • Temporary and Permanent Water Lines

    Principle specializes in Temporary & Permanent Pipeline Installation

Temporary and Permanent Water Lines

  • Fluid Storage

    Large & Small Scale Fluid Storage Solutions

Fluid Storage

  • HDPE Fusion Inspections

    Certified HDPE Inspectors provide a digital footprint and map of every fuse in the line.

HDPE Fusion Inspections


  • Flat Beds

    Our trailers are available to move items during the setup and teardown of various work sites. The drivers at Principle Enterprises are experienced in hauling pipe, rig mats, equipment and various other materials to and from location.

Flat Beds

  • Heavy Haul

    Principle Enterprises has drivers who are experienced at hauling oversized loads.  We offer multi-state permitting and transportation.  

Heavy Haul

  • Winch Trucks

    Principle has winch trucks for frac tank moves.  We also have the ability to rig them in and out as necessary

Winch Trucks

  • Water Hauling

    Principle Enterprises has been a primary water hauling provider in the gas industry with no plans on stopping.  Our drivers are trained to load, transport and unload production and fresh water to support major E&P companies.  

Water Hauling

  • Hot Shot

    Need something delivered quickly?  Trust Principle to handle all of your Hot Shot needs! 

Hot Shot


  • Truck Spotting

    Truck Station Attendants &
    Truck Spotting

Truck Spotting

  • Site Truck

    Principle offers site trucks and experienced operators to clean up excess water in contaminants and cellars on well pads

Site Truck Work

  • Line Walking

    Daily Pipeline Inspection Services and Digital Reporting

Line Walking

  • ROW Mowing

    Mowing and Maintenance of Pipeline Right-Of-Ways and Impoundments

ROW Mowing

  • Tank Cleaning

    Principle’s Mobile Pressure Washer Trailer is Capable of Washing Tanks and Equipment On Site So It Leaves the Site Clean

Tank Cleaning

  • Snow Removal & Maintenance

    Snow Removal & Maintenance

    Our Fleet is Capable of Tackling a Wide Range of Plowing Projects.  

Snow Removal & Maintenance


  • Glycol Heaters

    Glycol Heaters

    Principle Owns and Operates Glycol Heaters to support winter projects.  

Glycol Heaters

  • Forced Air Heaters

    Forced air heating is an important way to winterize your projects to ensure continued safe operations.

Forced Air Heaters

  • Light Plants

    Increase safety on dimly lit jobs sites and add a layer of security with over 50 company-owned light towers.

Light Plants

  • Manifolds

    Principle's custom built manifolds offer protection from accidental spills on site.


  • Site Management & Traffic Control

    Principle offers 24/7 site management for various locations, along with the option of providing traffic control services.  

Site Management & Traffic Control

  • Street Sweepers

    Includes dust control and removal of road debris

Street Sweepers