Here at Principle Enterprises we pride ourselves on providing the very best service for all of our customers. No matter if it is water, pipe, tanks, sand equipment, etc… Principle Enterprises completes every job as efficient and safely as the last.

Water & Fluids

Principle Enterprises has been a staple in water hauling for the last 5 years in the gas industry. Our drivers have been trained and closely monitored to load, transport and unload Invert, Base Oil, Drilling Mud, Flock Water, Production and Fresh Water. We have hauled fluids for Talisman Energy, Shell, Chesapeake, Precision Pipeline and Atlas Energy.


Principle drivers are some of the very best at moving frac tanks out to location. Our company has moved and spotted tanks for numerous companies in the area.


Our trailers are available to assist in moving items during the setup and teardown of frac sites. Principle Enterprises drivers are trained and experienced in hauling pipe, rig mats, equipment and various other materials to and from location.


Our drivers have been approved as mentors on Shell locations to load, transfer and unload at frac sites. We have experience in hauling sand to various frac locations for companies such as Trican Well Services and Halliburton among various others.



Our crews set and monitor frac tanks. We also provide our own manifold, rig up, monitor the manifold/tanks and tear down the manifold once the frac is completed. Our lead roustabout and several foreman have at least 5 years of experience in the field working with numerous companies performing various tasks. Our crews are OSHA certified and experienced on all heavy equipment.


Principle offers around the clock security for various locations with the option of providing traffic control. All traffic controllers are registered through PENN DOT and have been properly trained.


We offer primary and secondary containment as well as removing and disposal once the job is complete.

Mechanical Maintenance

Principle Enterprises offers 24 hour/7 Days a week mechanical maintenance. Along with our current fully staffed garage available 24/7 for any truck or mechanical repairs that are necessary, we also have mechanics that are site orientated to come out to location for unexpected breakdowns and/or repairs.


Reclaim and restore pipeline right aways, pads, etc… Call for more details!

Water Transfer

We can provide water services for the following: pipe fusing, pump systems & frac jobs.


Heaters & Glycol

Principle Owns and operates both Flameless Forced Hot Air Ground Heaters/ 600 GTS. & Wacker Neason Glycol Heaters E 3000/ 2 Reel (3,000’).

Plow Trucks

Plows are available for use during inclement weather to ensure truck safety and traffic flow. Plow trucks will be used to plow snow and place cinders when necessary.

Frac Tanks

Our company can offer various size frac tanks and setups that suit the customer’s needs.

Road Sweepers

This service includes dust control and removal of road debris.


HSE - Health, Safety, & Environment

Our safety team continually monitors all policies and procedures to keep them accurate and up to date. We are routinely in the field monitoring and evaluating every aspect of the job being performed.


Our dispatch team leads each employee through daily activities to ensure safe and productive operations. Our team of dispatchers is on call 24/7. Journey management is closely followed by constant communications via GPS, 2 way radios and HSE Field Supervisors and Representatives.