Principle Enterprises

Our Safety

Our Safety

Safety is the foundation of everything we stand for.

Safety is our number one priority and what drives Principle’s culture.  Starting from day one, every employee is trained on the Principle way of operating safely, and is what shapes our safety-first culture from the ground up.  To consistently educate, inform and improve our safety standards is what strengthens that safety-first culture.  

At Principle, maintaining a safe and healthy environment relies on the hard work of both employees and management. When safety procedures and policies are operating effectively, and everyone is working together to minimize risk, the number of incidents in the workplace is greatly reduced.

One of the fundamental skills of anyone responsible for employee safety management is the ability to connect and engage with all employees in order to promote safety and well-being.

It’s essential for our team to translate their behavioral safety skills towards the tasks at hand. An increased responsibility for safety should ensure guidelines are understood by everyone within the organization and should also be reinforced by a clear vision and strategy. 

Principle utilizes the iScout platform to cultivate an environment where our employees are empowered and accountable for the safety of themselves and everyone around them.  We gather information and enter it into the app and use it as a base to foster our safety culture.  Learning from our experiences and observations in the field allows Principle employees to be leaders in safety.  Working safer makes us more efficient for our clients, and iScout is the difference!