About Us

We are your one stop gas field services solution.

Principle Enterprises LLC is a company that has evolved from the origins of a successful over-the-road trucking business, C.A.F. Inc. Common family ownership and management has enabled Principle Enterprises LLC to incorporate the proven business plan of our sister company and supplement this strategy with the adaptation to our geographic region’s unique trucking opportunities. This formula has enabled Principle Enterprises LLC to flourish as a business and become the standard in our field for reliable and safe service to our customers.

We as a company will always believe that our employees are our most valuable asset and attribute our success to the work ethic of our ownership, management and drivers. The dedicated efforts of our experienced and trained staff have facilitated significant year over year growth in our industry. We at Principle Enterprises LLC are encouraged by the forecasted growth of economic opportunity in our region resulting from the gas exploration efforts. We are certain that our future achievements and expansion will be a direct result of the caliber of our valued employees.

What we do

Our water and sand hauling services have been a staple of the gas industy in the Bradford County, PA area for years. We offer a wide array of additional services to complement our hauling services.

Our Clients

Talisman Energy
Chesapeake Energy
Precision Pipeline
Atlas Energy